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MediCheck Your medicines. Your therapy. Your safety.

Experts check your medication, identify possible risks and work out an optimal drug therapy for you. Take advantage of this for your health.

RiskCheck Hypertension Standardised risk assessment for hypertension

Pharmaceutical staff measure your blood pressure in a controlled environment and discuss your therapy success with you.

Inhaler training Extended instruction in the correct use of medicines with practice of inhalation technique

Practice the correct use of your asthma sprays under the guidance of pharmaceutical staff and increase your therapy effect.

Corona -antibody test

Have you been infected with the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus or are you adequately protected by your existing corona vaccination? A Covid-19 antibody test can tell you.

Corona antibody tests have a very high specificity and sensitivity. The level of the antibody titer provides information about the current protection status and enables a recommendation as to whether a booster vaccination is already advisable. For the antibody test, trained personnel take a drop of blood from the fingertip using a lancet. The result is available after a short time.

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